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   We believe that safety excellence is a habit that can be created through innovation and consistency. We are dedicated to the health, safety, and well-being of not only our employees, but sub-contractors and the public at large.

   Everyone at Martel firmly believes and upholds the Zero Accident and Zero Injury philosophy, believing that every accident and injury is preventable. Furthermore, we will strive to successfully embed this philosophy with each of our families, owners, subcontractors, and others that may work with Martel Construction.

   Our main goal every day, is to send our employees and subcontractors home to their loved ones in the same condition they arrived to work that day. This dedication is evident in our diligent approach to safety, and a renewed focus on employee engagement and training.

   Martel has a demonstrated commitment to having positive impacts in the communities we serve, because our employees are a vital part of the same Montana communities.

“Zero Accidents, Zero Incidents”

Shawn Vincent- CSP | Safety Director

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